VTPS is slowly killing the neighbourhood

VTPS is slowly killing the neighbourhood

Vijayawada Thermal Power Station makes us proud by lightening the entire state! As a organization, it completely ignores to protect the neighborhood villages interest.

Stack Emission:

APPCB (Andhra Pradesh Pollution Control Board) has set the permissible standard of 115mg/NM3 for SPM Particles, but VTPS has been violating it with heavy Stack emissions thereby causing unprecedented losses to the environment of the locality at the cost of human and wildlife health.

Proper Electrostatic Precipitators and preventive measures would have definitely avoided frequent 300mg, 400mg, even 600mg/NM3 SPM emission.


Ash Pond:

Govt. of India has been insisting for 100% of Fly-Ash utilization and it has been mandatory since 2009, But still VTPS has been dumping more than 60% of Fly-Ash in Jupudi village's dumping pond with several hazardous hard-materials like magnesium etc in the coal remains.

Several times, the fly ash flies all the way to village due to inadequate watering measures and height of tailing DAM.

Still, few VTPS executives, who are suffering with moral grave crisis, making it difficult & artificial deficit to access the fly-ash for fly-ash based industries around the plant. Amaravati will not be a liveable city with such a rouge neighbour to it.

Govt GO's can be downloaded here