Is Mass Democracy Stupid? What the world need to know from Brexit?

Is Mass Democracy Stupid? What the world need to know from Brexit?

The Brexit has shown that masses are stupid when it comes to making policy decisions. While Donald Trump's campaign succeeded on cashing out the mortal imbecility on trusting narcissistic patriotism by securing nomination for the Presidential Race. Masses are prone to emotions and a crowd is always more irrational than an individual.

What i fear most is, Mass emotions plays the similar role else where in the world polity. In India, it is almost easy for any Tom, Dick, Harry to fire agitations based on caste, state-hood or religion. The likes of Mr. ChandraSekhar, Jagan, Hardik, Mudragada knew the simplicity of starting & leading one, if you have a trouble at believing. It all happens under the mask of public interest, perhaps even public don't know that before taking a side.

As Viswanathan rightly quoted, People often confuse a democracy with an Ochlocracy. Democracy doesn’t mean people having the right to decide in all policy decisions. Not always! not necessarily. If you ask people to chose between spending your excess 10,000 Crores on welfare vs education reforms, you know what people would chose obviously. (Do we really want most liked or retweeted post to be discussed at House of members? )

Discussion & debates on people's voice is always advisory whereas decisions on sole verdict is often proved extremely dangerous.
The strength of a democracy is not from its voting processes, but in its ability to bring diverse interests to discuss about a society’s future. That is the strength of a democratic system - the ability to hear diverse voices and not the ability of masses to select the best.

Democracy definitions are to be re-written in most of our dictionaries to protect the masses from themselves.