I am a serial Entrepreneur and Technologist based out of Hyderabad / Amaravati, Andhra Pradesh.

Kick starting new ventures and building teams are my core strengths. Over the last five years, I have co-founded two serious businesses, which are in early stage to scale and been a part of at least three other early stage businesses in various capacities. I’ve worked for a political advocacy group and government for quite sometime where I attracted to the overlap between people development and public institutions and impact of making difference.

Few years ago, I have embarked upon alcoholic beverages production. There is something about sampling crafted beer in small town India at 10:00 AM and calling it work, that's hard to beat. Founding Vault Brewery in Vijayawada has been a fun journey and happy that in less than 2 years we expanded to Vizag and Hyderabad cities.

Specialties: Team building, Capital and resource alignment, Political strategy, Corporate Finance, Legal stuff, Versatility.


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