Hey! Again!

Hey! Again!

I switched my blogging platform again, but this one is to stay here for a while.

After a couple of attempts with Blogger, dozen iterations with Drupal & Wordpress and a false start with Django, i ditched dynamic content management systems and gave Jekyll a spin. I liked the idea of a statically generated site I can deploy anywhere. That was well over three years ago. In the meantime i hardly blogged, so it actually didn't matter.

Fast forward to today, i had a sudden impulse to try something new. Ghost seems pretty lean publishing platform with batteries included, so i gave it a spin and imported old blog posts which turned out pretty painless. I have a problem to move it to live : Ghost runs on NodeJS and none of the shared hosting providers allow the terminal access inorder to install it and I really don't want to spend bucks on a VPS setup for a blog.

After a little research i found out about "buster", a python package for generating static content from dynamic Ghost. And Boom! I wrote a small shell script which generates static content from Ghost and push it to Github Pages. Best of both worlds, dynamic platform and statically generated site to host on any environment with a basic server with a capability of serving simple webpages.

Thanks Github Pages for free hosting and cloudflare for it's free HTTPS cert.