Hazare ji doing a good thing but by degrading parliamentary values

Hazare ji doing a good thing but by degrading parliamentary values
Anna Hazare

I consider applauding Anna Hazare at the very outset for having brought corruption to the National center stage. He encouraged a millions of anonymous Indians to come out on the streets and get voice. I closely watched few students in my university thinking about the on-going fast and corruption than themselves much.

Anna exposed a political class, suffering from a grave moral crisis, to the wider world. He empowered those who’ve felt lost in a new India where wealth is the sole presiding deity. Anna become a symbol of change and hope at a time when a scam culture has assaulted the conscience of the nation.

Survivor of Gandhian ideology?

Gandhi, the great Indian, from whom Anna claim to derive inspiration, never went on a fast unto death by refusing medication. For Gandhi, the idea of fasting was a form of self purification, a fast could not be undertaken as he said, “out of anger. Anger is a short-term madness.” Yes, there is anger in the streets today, an almost volcanic eruption of a lava that has been simmering for decades.

There have been some signs of unwanted situations in the last two months that are truly worrying. The gherao of the homes of members of Parliament may be visually appealing, but it encourages an anti-politician ‘sab neta chor hai’ rhetoric that could further destroy faith in parliamentary democracy.

How many Indians believe they also elected few good parliamentarians?

After the British colonial rule, We chose parliamentary democracy to rule our country, our people. Accordingly, People elect representatives, they are responsible to make the laws but not an individual or a civil-groups. By any luck/unluck if this uncredited govt steps down to Jan-Lokpal bill , I’m sure that will be credited as the result of Hazare’s Fasting!

Where will this take us? How many fast-unto deaths we have to see? Most of, will start a fast-unto death to fulfill their demands! (Giving away separate states, if hundred people sits down for fast-unto death??) There must be a procedure, I don’t recommend a single person/group handling the laws over and above!
In other way, Anna Team can agitate to get the government to commit to a special session of Parliament in six to eight weeks on an amended Lokpal Bill so that a new, well-considered law hails from Loksabha!!